Run a pub

We are the largest pub company in the UK, with around 4,500 properties that are predominantly run as leased and tenanted pubs. With such a high quality and varied portfolio of properties and agreement types there is bound to be one that’s just right for you.

Running your own pub business and supporting your local community is really more of a way of life than a ‘job’. It’s also a great way to ‘be your own boss’ and successful business leader.

Our pubs

We have an exceptionally good portfolio of quality pubs from traditional cask ale pubs, destination food venues through to sports and community pubs. They are located in town centres, villages and at the heart of many communities. Ther​​​e will be a pub business to suit your skills, experience and personality.​

Our agreements

We offer a choice of agreements tailored to your needs. You can find out more about our agreement o​ptions​. Once you apply for a specific pub business we will ensure the agreement meets your personal requirements.

Our team at your service

If you're looking for a pub business with us we have a dedicated team who will be available to give you expert help, advice and support every step of the way. Once you have found your new pub we will do everything we can to help you make it a real success. Learn more about our industry leading team and how they can help you.

Our training support

Our training team has developed a range of courses to help you make your pub business a real success. We are committed to providing relevant and leading edge training support for both new and highly experienced publicans. We provide training days as well as online training options for you and your team. Find out more about our training courses.​​

Our brand portfolio

We offer an extensive range of international, national, regional and local brands, including an exceptional range of cask ales, and will be pleased to provide guidance on the most suitable portfolio for your business as well as appropriate training, generally provided at no cost to you, on how to store, dispense, serve and market your chosen products.

We regularly review and refresh our product range to ensure that you have the optimum choice of brands with which to meet your customers' needs.

Our property support

Our property team is committed to ensuring that the pubs we offer for let are fit for purpose, their image and condition remains acceptable and that publicans are given every opportunity to maximise the trading potential of any site. We will provide you with the necessary support and assistance to ensure that your pub is maintained in optimum condition throughout your occupation

To help our publicans manage their property responsibilities we have developed a range of property support services.​

We also invest millions of pounds of capex in partnership with our publicans to create great British pubs for local communities. We also have an extensive pub exterior redecoration programme.