Responsible retailing

The irresponsible consumption of alcohol can have detrimental effects on the social structures of local communities. We recognise that publicans, supermarkets, off-licences, the Government and the consumer all have responsibilities towards the promotion and management of a responsible drinking environment. The Group recognises its responsibility towards the promotion and management of a responsible drinking environment in all of its pubs. We participate in various schemes and initiatives including sponsoring the Drinkaware Trust, promoting proof of age schemes and other initiatives associated with addressing the consequences of alcohol misuse and minimising alcohol related harm.

Within our managed houses, teams are fully trained and our pricing and promotional strategies do not encourage irresponsible behaviours. All our managed houses include a range of soft drinks and low and non-alcoholic options displayed and sold alongside a broad range of alcoholic beverages.​

We seek to be responsible by the following means:

  • Drinkaware - The Company is a sponsor of the Drinkaware Trust. Drinkaware ​promotes responsible drinking and finds innovative ways to challenge the national drinking culture to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm. This independent UK-wide charity is supported by voluntary donations from across the drinks industry and provides people with accessible, evidence-based information about alcohol and its effects it works alongside the medical community, third sector organisations, government and drinks manufacturers and retailers to promote responsible drinking
  • Proof of age - We actively promote various proof of age card schemes to all publicans and provide details of a variety of schemes to all new publicans to enable them to operate a scheme in their premises. We promote the industry's Challenge 21 campaign and have provided campaign materials to every pub
  • National alcohol harm reduction strategy - Through membership of the BBPA, we have actively participated in discussions with the Government in the fulfilment of its National Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy
  • Addressing consequences of alcohol misuse - We continue to work proactively with local authorities and have actively made commitments to provide support for schemes such as Best Bar None and Pubwatch to develop and implement policies and strategies that are designed to address the potential consequences of alcohol misuse whilst not penalising the majority of responsible publicans and their customers
  • Drinks range - We supply our publicans with an extensive range of products including many low and reduced alcohol alternatives and in our own managed pubs offer a full range of products
  • Drinks labels - We support suppliers who have introduced sensible drinking messages on their products
  • Responsibility Deal - We support the Governments Public Health Responsibility Deal and encourage our publicans to embrace responsible retailing and enjoyment of alcohol especially in the safe and sociable environment of the pub. We continue to proactively communicate units of alcohol by measure to ensure our publicans can easily inform their customers and operate our managed business the same way.

As a responsible hospitality business, we aim to serve great tasting, good quality, responsibly sourced food and drink to all our customers and give them the opportunity to make healthier choices with accurate, accessible and clear menu information. We aim to proactively respond to market trends in our managed house food offerings and aim to offer vegetarian, vegan and wellbeing options as demand for these products and dishes grow. We work closely with our suppliers and supply chain to provide full allergen information for each ingredient served in every dish in our managed houses, helping our customers make the right decisions for them and ensure that staff are trained to provide customers with accurate ingredient information. As we continue to expand, we work on IT solutions to further develop the ways in which our customers can access both nutritional and allergen information.


Gaming and leisure machines are an integral part of the business for most pubs, providing entertainment to the consumer and an important income stream to the business.

We are committed to ensuring that our publicans are aware of both their legal and social responsibilities under the Gambling Act 2005.

Drug awareness

It is the responsibility of all licensees and pub operators to create and maintain a safe, secure and relaxing environment for their customers. We support our publicans though free training and help and advice from their Regional Manager to ensure they can fulfil these obligations.


We continue to work extensively with publicans, local authorities and local communities to ensure that licensing hours and conditions are appropriate and take account of the opportunities and interests of all parties. Through membership of the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), we continue to engage with government departments within the Home Office and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, to promote understanding of, and compliance with, the licensing regime.

Our publicans support local businesses

We offer an extensive range of regional and craft beers to our publicans. We work closely with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) through whose distribution network our publicans can access many regional microbrewery products.

Our publicans also recognise that by sourcing local fresh produce they are not only providing their customers with great quality but also supporting local businesses and the community.​

Retail standards​

Our Regional Managers and Operations team work with our publicans to help them ensure they offer the highest levels of retail standards to their customers and provide a safe and welcoming environment at all times. These include levels of service, cleanliness, product quality and overall health and safety.

As beer is such an intrinsic part of our customer offer Ei Group work closely with Cask Marque an independent body that assesses the quality of beer served by member pubs. Ei Group financially supports over 650 pubs to join the Cask Marque scheme.

We advise our publicans on the importance and delivery of systems and processes to ensure they not only provide a good experience for their customers but they also work within the relevant legislation.

Health and safety

We have a dedicated health and safety function within the Group with the skill set to support all areas of our leased and tenanted estate and managed businesses. The function engages with the different business areas to ensure best practice in development and implementation of safety systems. We were early adopters of the Primary Authority Scheme and now work closely with West Midlands Fire & Rescue Service and Milton Keynes Borough Council to help us build on and deliver the best safety and regulatory solutions across all of our businesses.