We recognise the importance of minimising our impact on the environment wherever possible and for that reason we have implemented a number of efficiencies in partnership with our suppliers to help us along the way.


  • Five electric car charging points at the Pub Support Centre
  • Oil recycling initiative with Booker has returned £77,000 in cashback to publicans in exchange for 380,000 litres of oil
  • Consistently recycling over 95% of waste across our managed estate
Pub Support Centre

It is two years since the refurbishment of what we now call our Pub Support Centre in Solihull and we have complemented the refurbishment with the recent completion of a new staff cafe in our atrium.

In 2018, immediately post refurbishment of our Pub Support Centre, we saw energy consumption per person at our office facility reduce compared with the year prior to refurbishment. That trend has continued so that in the year to 30 September 2019 we saw a further reduction of 24%.

Managed Businesses

Over the last couple of years, we have continued to monitor savings achieved from upgraded LED lighting, heating controls and cellar pumps. From the learnings, we have undertaken work on a further eight Bermondsey sites and we will continue to work on our investments where the payback periods are demonstratively beneficial. We have taken these learnings and replicated them across our Craft Union sites.

Environmental Efficiencies

Where possible we have smart meters in our managed houses and use regular readings to identify and mitigate any issues and we’ve also reduced our waste in our managed estate, consistently recycling over 95% of all waste created. We also work closely with our delivery partners to ensure their processes are focussed on efficiency to reduce costs, road mileage and fuel consumption.

Pub Support Centre in Solihull
Inside the Pub Support Centre