Our Businesses

We have four businesses, each delivers a distinctive operating model.

The Group optimises value creation by ensuring the right offer is available in each of its assets, supported by the best people under the most appropriate operating model.

Our Business Model

Our business model

We have a flexible business model optimised to leverage market opportunities​.

Assets & capital structure ​

We have around 4,500 properties geographically spread across the UK ​
Our total property assets are valued at £3.3 billion ​
Supported by our efficient capital structure

Key differentiators​
  • 95% freehold​
  • High quality​
  • Significant buying power
  • Returns-based capital investment programme
Enable our operating models

We have operational flexibility through various trading models to facilitate asset value optimisation.

The operating models have been designed to allow our pubs and publicans to thrive within their communities.

Our Operating Models
Key differentiators​
  • Flexibility to respond to a changing environment ​
  • Provides the optionality with which to optimise returns and unlock the embedded value ​
  • Efficient portfolio manager
Provide our offer ​

Each of our properties are matched to their optimum retail proposition maximising the best mix of revenue.

Drink: incorporating drinks sold to publicans for on-sale and directly to customers in our managed segment ​
Rent: largest leased and tenanted pub company in the UK

Key differentiators​
  • Focused on maximising value from each property
  • Wet-led model
  • Buying power and long-term supply arrangements provide beneficial access to the drinks market ​
  • High proportion of prime and secondary locations

Support our people​ ​

We partner with those who are passionate about pubs keeping shared success at the heart of our business.

Key differentiators​
  • Exceptional levels of service and support​
  • Flexibility in more challenging times